1st Choice Laser Services


Al Afdasta Founder and CEO 

Alishah Afdasta is an entrepreneur, educator and academic scholar who has an electrical engineering (BSEE), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Horologist, Master Watch & Clock Maker and California real estate broker / Realtor licenses.


1st Choice Live Scan                                 http://www.1stchoicescan.com


1st Choice Engraving                                 http://www.1stchoicengraving.com/

1st Choice Watch & Clock Repair               http://www.1stwatchrepair.com/


Time Palace Jewelers                                http://www.timepalacejewelers.com/

 Telephone: 949-733-1393

Email: afdastaa@yahoo.com

102 W. 1ST STREET ,Tustin, CA 92780